Magic: The Gathering Events

Magic Draft

Every Tuesday at 7PM

Cost: $15

Prizes: One Booster Pack per player in the prize pool


Magic League

*Please Note League is not running at this time.

Saturdays from 1PM to 6PM, Sundays 4PM-8PM

Cost: $20 initially, and $5 each week to add a booster pack

Our league is a four week season, week 1 you will get 4 booster

packs and you will create a minimum 40 card deck to compete with. We will provide the lands or you can bring your own.

Each week you can add a booster pack to your pool. You can play up to four matches a week, it's a very casual format, you can play less or more at your leisure or even play on non league days. See our Facebook Event Page for more details!

NEW LEAGUE: None At the Moment

Smash Bros Melee Tournament

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 7PM

Cost: $6

Come on out and play as your favourite Melee Character on the GameCube and compete to be the melee champ at Crossroads Board Game Café!

We'll have lots of prizes and a smashing good time, come play as Marth or Pikachu and zap your way to the top!

Paint Nite
Date: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 7PM

Come check out our Paint Nites! Enjoy delicious drinks while learning

to paint from the pros. Great way to spend an evening!
Cost: See for details -> Use Groupon for a good deal!

Smash Bros for Wii U: Hosted by Smash House Gaming every Sunday at 4:30PM. Entry is $10.

Splendor Tournament

Date: TBA

Come on out and play in our Splendor tournament!!  We'll have some exclusive game trophies from Asmodee Games as prizes, compete against friends and strangers to see who can get the most prestige in this gem collecting tournament!

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